Friday, October 31, 2014

Committee asks Court of Appeals candidate to stop advertising that it finds misleading

The Kentucky Judicial Campaign Conduct Committee has asked Kent Varney, a candidate for the state Court of Appeals, to stop using advertising that claims his opponent, Judge Janet Stumbo, has "sided with criminals 59 percent of the time."

In a letter to Varney, copied to the Stumbo campaign, the committee said, "The KJCCC finds that this assertion misrepresents the role of a judge or justice, which is to base decisions on the law and not take sides. Also, no context for the assertion is provided, so we find that the ad is misleading. Our committee determined in an election for the Kentucky Supreme Court in 2012 that a campaign ad making this type of allegation was improper, and we do so again. We conclude that this portion of your ad is misleading and undermines the high standards by which judicial campaigns should be conducted."

The Floyd County Times published a story on the matter, which can be read here. For a copy of the letter, click here.

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